Sunday, June 2, 2013

teaching myself to be tired

time zones are difficult for me. time zones where i'm held to conference and flight schedules are a disaster.

so yesterday i was awake for 22 hours.
today i slept in and took a nap. i drank my diet coke to try and avoid the nap which obviously didn't work.

needless to say that now, at 10:30, my body's feeling energy like 8:30 which isn't even the time that i boarded a plane bound for utah yesterday.

point of the story is that the week hasn't even started but its going to be rough.

i'm trying benedryl. hopefully it will work better for me than for the little girl sitting next to me on the plane last night.

another story for another time.

lots of stories, i'm collecting them. maybe they'll make it here one day, or maybe not.