Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I delight in Grad School Graduation.

I posted this same collection (close) on facebook but I had to post it here because well...this blog will outlive my facebook and this is the space I can give a little more commentary.

This graduation was a really big deal to me.  It doesn't even seem quite real yet.  You see while education has always been so important to me, I never dreamed of going to grad school.  It wasn't in my plans.  But when I chose the major of Speech-Language Pathology I knew grad school was a must so...I didn't question because I was determined I had chosen the very best profession ever.  So many miracles have come into play to get me to this point--from acceptance to graduate school, surviving each semester and finally graduation.  

My biggest cheerleader--literally!

The most supportive parents in the world.

Mary and I--leading out the grad students in the College of Health--yay CSD!

All the CSD grads!
That's me...with my pretend diploma.  The real one has yet to arrive.  But its on its way!
The graduating class plus Dr. Wambaugh and Dr. Chapman.
So happy!  Those are all genuine happy faces--can't you tell!

Mary said it best: "From undergrad to missions to grad school...WE DID IT"
We could probably say I owe my degree to her because without her study assistance, best friend-ed-ness, listening ear, gym buddy-ness, temple buddy-ness, etc. degree would not be possible.
Thank you!
Great friends Shaun, me, Mary, Dani and Meredith
Dad and I--both U Masters Graduates
So happy together.  I look at this picture and I look like my mother.  Good thing that is a good thing!  :)  And of course, Christin would hope I would say that she and I look like twins!
The family sans Craig
Can we just appreciate/love Christin for the look she's giving me.  Honestly, for all the love she gives me...I just feel so blessed to have her as my sister. 
Mary's Dad and my Grandpa discussing their old times out at ATK/Mary's Dad reminding my Grandpa of how he gave him his first engineering job out at ATK.  What are the chances.
Mary and her sweet sister Sarah.  We are both blessed in terms of awesome sisters!
The Sister's picture!
Oh cheese.
A great candid shot of my Dad by Christin.  She's an awesome really!
Me and the Thomas Family--they adopted me in as part of their family and took such good care of me.  They shared Mary with me for oh 2 years and I'm so grateful!  Grateful for their welcomingness (not a real word but go with the idea), the feeling in the home, the never-ending love in their hearts and the study snacks and meals.
So glad my Grandparents could come celebrate.  I appreciate their support and love.
Somehow, the only picture I have of me wearing my hood...well properly.
Mary's idea to do it old-school.  
This one is probably my favorite!
Dreaming of the rest of our lives...what comes next...
Who knows...we'll just enjoy where we're at!

"Biggest Fan EF-FER"
"My sweet sis"
Let the party begin...
Because I love any reason to celebrate
And because my graduation was a pretty good reason to celebrate
We had a party!

Check out the amazing signs Christin's art teacher and her daughter made.  Aren't they amazing!  I love love love love love them!  They stayed up 3 days?!?  I hated to take them down!
Entrance to the backyard--it looks way more enchanting than it actually is...  ha ha ha!
Check out the variegated plates!
Hamburgers, hotdogs, and elk brats...surprisingly most of the brats got eaten--not by me.  That part's not surprising.
In for another day of celebrating...
Dear friend Heather who is embarking on becoming a Master too.  You can do it!
Christin and cute cousin Cooper.  So happy he and Heather could stop by!
My fantastic neighbors the Anderson's and my sweet Aunt Bonnie
Donna, Mom and Heather checking out the food spread.

The "Houdad's" and the Hortons and my Dad

She's too cute.
My second family--the Allen's and subsequently the Kropfs.  So grateful for the "Clifford's" for being friends all these years!
My dearest and probably longest time best friend Carly
Too cute right?  Cooper was about to leave and he you think I could actually eat one of those cupcakes?  
Dad prepping the 'roasting' portion of the evening.
Craig and Christin helping to calm Pen and Scoobs aka the laughing hyena 
This is what happens when you tease Clifford...he gets you back!
New favorite family picture--thank you Natalie (who is also to credit for all the BBQ photography)
Speaking of which--Natalie--the one who inspired this little shin-dig in the first place as she reminded me a few months ago that I should have a party and invite her when I graduate.  Done and done.  We're both master's you see and have really done this whole school thing together.  Although we never attended the same university, we made plenty of ways to keep in touch through it all--sunday night phone calls which eventually turned into random night/afternoon/or morning chats, g-chat (not pink) and email chains.  We did it!!!  
JD (Nat's husband and my good friend since high school) and Christin--I must say I love this picture of both of them, such natural happy smiles!
Cousins!  This part was extra special--Breanne, me, Sarah, Christin and Rachel.  We're hardly ever all together--okay it happens next to never.  So it made it extra special that we were all in the same place at the same time, even if it was just for a few minutes!  I'm afraid the only one who came and didn't get a picture was Mark, Breanne's fiance, sorry!  I'm so grateful that Sarah and Rachel stopped by on their way back north--I wish you lived closer!  

Graduation would not have been possible without all the people in these pictures and so many more.  I feel so abundantly blessed to have the best friends and family in the world.

I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father in whom I can always trust.  He keeps his promises and always provides a way.  He reminds me I can do hard things.  He gave me the best family in the world--the best family for me!  They are my motivation, my perspective and my support.  I am grateful for parents who believe in education and who let me live my dreams.  I'm grateful for the trust my parents have always had in me to make the right choices and to do good.  I am grateful for the best siblings who know exactly when I need hugs!

I am grateful for good friends who put up with all the excuses of reasons I couldn't play or get together. I'm grateful to have friends who believe in the value of education and didn't give up on me or get offended when I didn't return their phone calls in a timely manner or when I couldn't get together.  Let's please get together soon!

I am grateful for fantastic supervisors who knew I had it in me and gave me wings to fly.  In whom I have found not just amazing mentors but amazing friendship.  Thank you will never do my gratitude to you justice.

I am grateful for all the patients and clients I have been able to meet and work with in so many places--from the clinic at the U to the Children's Center, to McKay-Dee Hospital, Stewart Rehab and North Ogden Elementary.  I honestly treasure the lessons you've taught me and always will.  I wish I could tell you all the stories that mean the most to me, but most of those experiences will be documented on ly in my heart.  I find that experiences in life are no coincidence and our meeting was such a blessing.  Thank you for letting me learn along with you and your continued patience and kindness along the way.

truly blessed and truly grateful.
thanks again!