Friday, November 30, 2012

daily delights of november 2012

november 1: one good thing about going to work in the dark is the pre-sunscapes that grace the sky. this morning they were pink like i've never seen. i couldn't help but think "i'm so glad that i live in this beautiful world, heavenly father created for me" (thank you primary!)

november 2: started a class on one of my long time interests and hobbies--cake decorating! hearing silver bells on the radio and not even thinking twice about it until the song was over.

november 3: its been 4.5 years since my mom, dad and i were able to attend a temple session together...until today. we went to the brigham city temple (also a first) which is dad's hometown. the other thing that made this whole thing a big deal is that i have now been to every temple in utah! we went to bert's, a brigham classic since 1929. what a great day!

november 4: bearing my testimony. i am so grateful for the gospel in my life and i'm grateful for the opportunity i had to share my testimony with the people of atlantic canada for 18 months. i am also grateful for good friends who i know so well that i can sense they need to talk, that there is something going on. this blesses my life time and time again. i'm also grateful for ces firesides.  they rock!

november 5: all thanks to a good hair day. today pretty much rocked. i had a great day at work, learned how to implement PECS, went for the monday special with mom and sis. then i went to stake fhe, missed pretty much the whole thing but followed the prompting to talk to the guy behind me after. 2 1/2 hours later i knew my life had been changed for the better. even if nothing came out of it, my faith is restored in good guys trying to do good things. yay for hope!

november 6: i'm so grateful for the temple, i can't think of a better place to be on a presidential election night. so grateful for covenants.  i know they bring a power into my life that helps me keep on carrying on.

november 7: institute. earlier in the week i had a conversation with someone regarding how the prophet has commanded young single adults to make institute a priority.  i certainly haven't always and am still not the most consistent institute attender but what should class be about tonight? but spiritual education and we talked about institute being a priority. and what is one of the themes i have been studying all year in the scriptures? god's priorities and mine. how had i not yet added institute to this list? to my discussion? to my study? once again was an answer to my prayer.  i completely get why it is so important for young single adults and i'm grateful the prophet would tell us of the benefit and promise such great blessings associated with institute attendance.

november 8: today i'm grateful my dad got a clean bill of health! i had a very full day at work to keep my mind off of wondering too. i'm also grateful for my mom...when i get myself into pickles of committing myself to too many things--oh hello life! she is there time and time again to help me out. bake the cake, the brownies, pick up a few things at the store and oh you know, cut out a bazillion cards. grateful for my mother!

november 9: the day that did not go as i expected--from start to finish. delighted in chatting with good friends and eating delicious cake made with love

november 10: delighted the most in christin's good morning greeting to me on my twenty-sixth birthday. she's the best. delighted in eating indian food with the fam--they were not huge fans (as christin would say). delighted in craig and i being the same age again. delighted in stake conference and the reminder about the fourth watch. delighted in going to bed early. delighted in hearing from all the people i love most in life. i'm so blessed with such fantastic friends and family!

november 11: delighted in having so much respect for a good friend of my family and recently returned missionary. his homecoming report was one of the best ones i have ever been to. i know lives were changed, hearts were touched and that many prayers were answered in that meeting, probably completely unknown to the speaker. the lord is a fourth watch god but he is always watching and he will make things work together for our good as we act one single step at a time.

november 12: one of my passions in life is helping children communicate, hence my profession. i delight each time a child and parent leave my room feeling a little more empowered be it knowledge, ability, assurance or confidence.

november 13: i delight in the sweetest sister. so i come home from...let's just say it was quite the day. good but stressful. i go down to my room to find my bed made. i certainly didn't leave it that way when i left this morning. christin comes in..."sis, you like your bed? i did it, for you." smile. hug. she is the  sweetest. honestly, i don't know what i would do without her constant christ-like example. when i get stressed and selfish, she helps restore my perspective and reminds me what life is really about. so many people say she has disabilities but i can't help but think that she has some incredible abilities that come so natural for her that are so not-natural-abilities for the majority of us.

november 14: today i'm grateful for my electric blanket. it got me through the day.

november 15: i delight in diet coke. its how i started and ended my thursday. while i try not to be addicted to caffeine, which is why i go days without it just to keep myself in check, i really really like it. and i'm really grateful for it on particular days like today.

november 16: i delight in what i do. today as i headed to salt lake for what would invariably turn out to be another 12 hour day, i thought, 'erin, why did you think 3 jobs was a good idea?' as i went about my day, shadowing at the UNI HOME program, lend lecture and then developing my talent (or lack there of) of cake decorating, i just thought...i'm so grateful for this time and the opportunity to develop these passions. its the passions i have about these subjects that keep me pushing on and on to learn more, to do more and to constantly seek more. i also find that answers to my questions (and ultimately answers to my prayers) come during these today, we talked about letters of medical necessity. i have been trying to learn more about that and then bam, here's a lecture on it. so blessed. so so blessed!

november 17: i delight in my automatic alarm. 6:00 greets me everyday.

november 18: i delight in those people i've known forever. i love that those bonds never break. and in moments of need, especially, they're as strong as ever. i also delight in the mormon moment.

november 19: i delight in motrin. "my headache medicine." i also delighted in seeing some people in my ward really embrace christin as a took her to fhe with me. i always worry, and rightfully so given past experience. few things make my heart happier than seeing others embrace her without seeking my approval to "talk to her" or without "talking around her." she gets it. and when others just love her, she is right there loving them back.

november 20: every november, i get terribly hungry. i must have pioneer blood or something. i did not bring enough lunch today and so, i text my dear grad school friend and fellow ogden-dweller to grab dinner at cafe rio. i love good friends. and i especially love good friends who you can talk about a variety of things with and they get it--work, church, family, dogs. :)

november 21: i delight in craving progress. progress for myself and progress for others. i sincerely love that my profession is very goal oriented meaning i literally write goals for every patient i see. writing the goals is often one of the most challenging things i do because i want it to equate to something that will make a difference, that will be functional and helpful to their life. once that part is somewhat settled, i find absolute joy in working toward achieving those goals.  progress!

november 22: i delight in a day to be thankful. sometimes i just love holidays, they give us entire days to: be grateful, to love, to remember, to celebrate the birth of christ, to look for four leaf clovers. :) i am grateful for friends, family, pie, pounce, the gospel of Jesus Christ and naps.

november 23: i delight in finishing a book, in spending time with my grandpa and spending the day with my mom. we're black friday wanna-be shoppers. we have fun. we wander. we laugh. we quarrel (only about driving and directions). i delight in the precious times i have with my mom. they are few and far between when its just the two of us so i really really delight in these times!

november 24: i delight in doing stuff. today i had a day to do my stuff. i always seem to have projects with no time to do them. so today i did stuff. :) i also did breakfast with a long time friend. there is something about breakfast traditions that are so amazing!

november 25: i delight in hearing the best news ever from my best friend. it completely made my day. so happy! today i also delighted in teaching the gospel. i got to teach gospel doctrine for the first time in the united states (had to put that caveat on as i did teach in canada when i was a missionary). it was such a delight, the preparation, the delivery and the comments. what people bring to class and contribute is the best, i always appreciate it and learn so much from others wisdom and insight.  i also delighted in home teachers. i haven't had any for a year!  the helped bolster my faith that there are good men out there (good single men out there) doing good things in their lives, being genuine, kind and uplifting. i also delighted in a new way to look at 1 nephi 16, i will now expect wild beast blessings.

november 26: i delight in living the principle i know to be true: its about principle, not preference.

november 27: i delight in visiting teaching.

november 28: i delight in celebrating craig's birthday. i also delight in the fact that i got him a "good" present, according to him! mission accomplished!

november 29: i delight in schedule boards and best friends.

november 30: so happy to learn about the ADOS today. learning makes me feel so empowered. learning about things i am interested in and have a passion for makes me so happy! i really delighted in talking with a kindred spirit friend about grad school, missions and lessons learned. finally, i delighted in finishing my christmas shopping and finishing my first cake decorating course. i got a certificate and everything! can you say official?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I delight in the mormon moment.

Tonight, Elder Rasband of the Presidency of the Seventy spoke at the Ogden LDS Institute of Religion.     He said if he could title his talk it would be: "Sharing the Gospel in the Mormon Moment."  The associated press recently published that the biggest winner in the 2012 election was indeed the Mormon Church.  Maybe in all the hub-bub of the election that I tried so much to avoid, I missed the biggest point, that Mormonism was becoming better understood.  Light was being shed on the church, better and bigger attempts were being made by society at large to understood what we really believe as opposed to common misconceptions. It is a missionaries dream! (And now we're well on our way to doubling the number of missionaries thanks to President Monson's recent announcement about lowering the missionary age.  Coincidence? I don't think so. ;)

Elder Rasband went on to speak about our role in this mormon moment, what we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can do and his answer was essentially to answer others questions and always be ready to bear your testimony/share the things you know.

The Lord knows our hearts. He knows the trajectory of the world and the times in which we live.  He is mindful of His children and of His church.

I invite friends who read this blog, if you have questions, please let me be your person to ask. I love to talk about the gospel of Christ and about why it is the best thing for my life. I always hope that this blog reflects the things that mean the most to me: the gospel and my family. I know family is where it is at and when we have strong families we have strong communities and when we have strong communities we have a strong nation. I know that the most important teaching we do is in the walls of our homes. The gospel of Jesus Christ provides those key teachings, doctrines and principles that serve as the foundation of faith for families in these perilous times.

mormonism won even though romney lost
new missionary age
president monson announces age change for missionaries

Friday, November 16, 2012

the twice-yearly celebration

the other day i came home to find the ensign on my chair.
not just any ensign, but the general conference ensign.
happy happy day (as lb would say).

first, i look at all the pictures (because i'm finally okay that they're in color now, i really loved loved the black and white). next i read the priesthood session talks. i never got around to watching between conference and now and i never really got a good report about what the talks were about. just finished reading elder christofferson's talk...amen. that's all i have to say.  

i sincerely look forward to the next 6 months bonding with this magazine and all the powerful inspiration and counsel. we are so blessed to have living prophets on the earth!

Friday, November 9, 2012

I delighted in my twenty fifth year.

                                                       Dear twenty-fifth year,

Initially I met you with some significant angst. A lot of things were anticipated to happen during your year and a lot of really good things ended up happening. Sure some were hard, some were sad, but for the most part, they were wondrously rewarding. They were mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging but ultimately it was all good for me. You gave me a trip to California to attend ASHA, to open up my eyes to all I could do in my field. You gave me trips to 3 new temples allowing me to meet my bucket list of completing a session in every temple in Utah. You gave me three amazing internships with fantastic supervisors who I can honestly say helped shape me both as a clinician and as a person. You gave me lots of good interviews, offers and a great job that has been a great challenge and an even greater blessing. You gave me adventures to my favorite places including Island Park, St. George and Blanding. You gave me the opportunity to serve in some great callings and be a member of three different wards...not all at the same time of course. You gave me the opportunity to cherish current friends and make some new ones. You gave me a great network and a great new place to learn at lend. You gave me time with my family which I cherish always. You challenged me to be brave, to do things I've never done. You challenged me to learn new things, to be flexible and to remember more than I ever thought  I could. You challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone, to try hard things and to walk uncharted ground. I'm grateful for our 365 days. They've been great! You've truly taught me that what Anne Shirley said is true, "It's not what the world holds for you, it's what you bring to it."                                                      Cheers,  Erin

Thursday, November 1, 2012

a new kind of november

i'm excited that one of my favorite month's has arrived! while i love september/october, i have a special place in my heart for november because it's birthday month!  yay for birthdays! yay for any reason to celebrate! when my birthday hits, i feel something stirring in the air that leads me to introspection.  how am i doing? what am i doing? what have i done? and what can i do better?

i'm having lots of thoughts already about those things and i'm pretty sure it will involve some positive changes that i'm pretty excited about. i'm so grateful for the seasons of life and that i can be flexible and move along with them! 

here's to the eleventh month. here's looking toward 
the tenth day. here's to fall, family, 
and future events!