Sunday, December 6, 2015

I delight in Christmas.

I'm such a fair-weather friend to this blog. At the end of the day, I don't want to be on the computer anymore. I wish that would generalize to all technology. Alas, I'm going to ring in the new year on a social media detox. Signing off facebook for a while and downsizing my instagram feed. My goal for 2016 revolves all around me doing more living myself and less living through others.

However, its not 2016 yet, its still 2015 and better yet its Christmas 2015. I love Christmas and this year, I think I love Christmas a little more. My house became a home this Christmas and for that,  I will always be extra grateful!As Christmas filled my home, so did the Spirit of my Savior and his love for me. I've grown up with such a good model of how this can happen because Christmas at my parents house is magical and has been magical every single year. Today, I was sharing a story about Clyde, our elf, and a new friend of mine said, "Wait, do you have young siblings?" To which I replied, they're permanently young at heart! Something I am so incredibly grateful for!

The other thing that has filled my home recently is music. Being called as the ward music co-chair has been such a blessing in my life! I am incredibly grateful for a mindful and prayerful Bishop and a Heavenly Father who knows what I need. Music has been a blessing in my life for my entire life. Somehow I'd forgotten how it soothes my troubled soul and raises my view beyond the horizon of what I can see. I'm so grateful for Christmas music. For all the ways it blesses my life.

This holiday season, I am particularly grateful for a testimony. My testimony. The last line of the hymn "Testimony" expresses how it blesses me, "As testimony fills my heart, it dulls the pain of days, for one brief moment heavens view appears before my gaze." I'm not saying my life is painful but, I am saying that there are things that my heart desires and yearns for on a daily basis, a family of my own, sweet children of my own to love, care for and bless and while it in no way burdens my everyday, there are moments every single day when I am reminded of the things that are not yet mine. However, I know that eternally, I am both a wife and a mother. I am so grateful for an eternal perspective and the possibility of Eternal Life! I am grateful that the Lord can open my eyes and ears to the blessings and opportunities that surround me.

I know that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father who loves us so completely that he gave his Only Begotten Son so that we may return to him. I know that everything that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that the true gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in its fullness today. It is available to all through covenants and ordinances in the Lord's houses which are scattered all about the world. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have that God loves families. He loves my family. He is mindful of my family and he is protective of all families everywhere. I know that we have a Prophet who speaks the will of God today. He is an inspired man who leads, guides and directs the church with his Apostles. I know that God has a plan for all his children and that it truly is a plan of happiness.

I wouldn't be surprised if I don't post anything again until after Christmas and so, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Love always,