Sunday, June 27, 2010

I delight in a lighted way.

I delight in thinking about all the people who have been lights along my path of life. Primary teachers, Young Women leaders, and Sunday School teachers who a) put up with all my questions and b) put up with my rowdy class. I delight in the familiar faces who taught me by example as they raised and nurtured their children, who were diligent in fulfilling church callings and who I saw at church, faithfully, every week. I delight in the people who have always been there, who truly care and set a good example for me. I delight in the goodness of God who puts people in our lives for reasons, each helping us learn something we must and giving us the opportunity to love them just as He loves us.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I delight in the power of touch.

Some of my pictures are SO classic...
I do not mean the touch of dogs...I do mean the touch of people.

My little sis...she needs hugs. And when she needs one, she tells you. "Sis...hug me!" Mind you she can request one right after you've already given her one.

But you know those times when you just hit your head (so hard you even got a goose-egg) and you're in pain/tears/kind of upset you just hit your head...and then someone touches you and even though you get upset at first, really deep down, you're grateful someone cares and their touch is comforting.

Or when you have a headache and there isn't much you can do about it but cradle your own head, and the friend next to you just starts to rub your back just because.

Or when you're sad or confused, or just having one of those days and someone just touches you on the shoulder, or back and just assures you it will all be alright.

Or even when the little old man at the grocery store just grabs your elbow to tell you a joke.

So many things that can be so easily over looked but I delight in it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I delight in a single delight.

the flower looks single and solitary right? its not a parking pass...obviously!

Okay, I delighted in more than one thing today but honestly at one point in a frustratingly long afternoon on the University of Utah campus...I clearly thought: I have NO delights today...then I remembered...thanks to my Dad and his A pass...I can delight in a good parking spot!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I delight in reasons.

Anything above 70 degrees is too hot for me. No joke. I love sweater weather...its my favorite. And lately its been too hot. As day by day goes by I think...Heavenly Father knows me so well...he sent me to a cold mission for a reason. And so...remember this? This is me saying Thank you for all that cold!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I delight in Dad.

Aren't Dad's great? Here's a few of the reasons I think my Dad is amazing...
-He knows how to have fun and laugh.
-Somehow, he knows everything about everything.
-I got his little squinty eyes.
-He gives the best advice. Seriously.
-He helped instill in me the importance of education.
-Dad has set a great example in being a creator of circumstance.
-He is a transitional character who works hard for all he has.
-He always tells us all how much he loves us, especially Mom.
-I got my 'organizational skills' from my Dad.
-He loves life! And we all love him back! :)

I delight in reading.

this is not a picture of a book...its a picture of the below and catch the connection

In anticipation for a traditional family vacation that is coming up...I've been thinking about this bed. bed at the cabin. Its a forest...I know. But it has 2 controls for the electric blanket, a beautiful view, a little lamp that lights up the night perfectly and its my very favorite reading place. Being the last one up at night like I so often am, reading by glow of the dim light with the window open, feeling a cool breeze, the sound of the birds and the bats, all while being toasty with the electric blanket.

The question is...what do I read this year? On the list so far are:

The Holy Temple (I'm already 1/2 way through)
Born on a Blue Day
I'm going to make it through a Jane Austen by the end of the Summer so where should I begin?
Oh and Anne of Green Gables
Some COMD textbook reading (refreshing for school)
***This list is subject to change***

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I delight in beautiful days.

my favorite view in the world. photo by me!

Words can't describe all the beautiful things about my day. While moments have been quite frustrating there is such joy in knowing...its all going to be okay! :) Happy day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I delight in Jesus Christ.

the Christus Statue in the North Visitors Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

photo by me

Anyone who knows me remotely well knows that I love Sundays. They also know that I love my Savior Jesus Christ. It was one of those days when I had a lot going on in my head. A lot, about a little of everything. But one thing is always sure....answers will come.

The answers came throughout the day. They came in the form of coming unto Christ, of learning of Him and of loving Him more.
First, as I felt a feeling in my heart after I prayed
Second, as I heard a soon to be full-time missionary bear humble testimony of him.
Third, in a 'no talk' relief society lesson where the teacher spoke of Christ the whole time, asked questions, and let me ponder and write the feelings in my heart.
Fourth, as I taught about His temple to a group who is preparing to enter it in the near future.
Fifth, as my testimony of His atonement grew as a partook of the sacrament.
Sixth, as answers came as I listened to a speaker and also to the Spirit.
And finally, as I sat at dinner with my family and realized...its because of Him that my family can be together forever!

I am so blessed!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I delight in different.

Today I really delighted in differences. We are all so different yet not as much as we sometimes like to think. We have a lot in common...for example, we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. We are different in our situations, thoughts, looks, opportunities, and experiences but we can all work together to help one another, using our strengths to help them with their weaknesses. I'm so grateful we can all work together and communicate with one another. To be able to talk out what we're thinking and invite others to help us make sense of life. I'm grateful for friends and family who are different than I...they teach me so much!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I delight in Anne.

This is Sister Reid and I pretending to be Anne of Green Gables in December of 2008.

If you're in my singles ward you're fully aware, thanks to Craig, that there is an Anne of Green Gables Marathon going on at my house. The second movie was completed today and may I just say that although it was almost ridiculously too long it was the hope of Anne and Gil finally getting together that kept me hanging on.

Anne teaches me many lessons but the one that stands out today: sometimes you have to explore incorrect paths to find the correct one.

Its easy to get frustrated going down those mediocre paths sometimes but when the best path is finally found, remember it was all worth it!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I delight in childlike sincerity.

The scene of the beginning of today's daily delight:
We arrive at my Grandpa's house, its been known soley as Grandpa's house since August. After the usual hugs and checks, I began wandering the rooms to find where LB would plant herself for the afternoon (usually she sits on one of a few choice chairs with televisions close by and colors and watches 'her shows'). Today I found her like this (see above). This is Grandpa's dresser. It displays my favorite pictures of my grandparents from their various stages of life. My favorites are the pictures from their young single adult days which are framed in wood from ships sunk in the Pacific during WW2.

When I asked LB what she was doing she turned, rather startled and said, "Sis, I miss her." She and Grandma weren't particularly close since LB typically got annoyed by Grandma suggesting things she ought to do...LB prefers to be treated like an 'adult'-as she puts it. And I can't blame her and there's no way she could understand what Alzheimer's is. But now that Grandma's gone, not sitting in her usual chair where we have known we could find her for the past 7 years...a certain sincerity has come out in the little sis, sincerely missing her Grandma.

My second delight of today is when she point blank looked at Grandpa and said, "Don't die okay?" To which Grandpa kind of glanced at me with a questioning look and said, "Okay" and then gave her a big hug.

Finally, the delight to top these potentially heart wrenching moments of today is when Christin said, "Grandma's okay now right sis?" While her understanding of the Plan of Salvation is very basic, I know she feels in her heart that its true. Its just another testament to me of the truthfulness of the gospel, its so simple, even a child can understand. While LB might be 22 she will always be a child, but she's a child who knows that even though people die, they will live again!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I delight in timing.

Time. Sometimes it seems like time is in abundance...when will this class ever end? or when will it ever be bed time? or when will this gathering conclude?

Most of the time however, I find myself thinking...where did the time go? when am i going to find the time to finish this? do i have enough time to do this before this other thing?

That's one aspect of time however my delight today is focused on the correct timing of things in my life.

The Lord uses time to help us gain understanding and reach further growth. Ever been told to be patient? Its a growth thing. If we got what we asked for the minute we asked for anything, we'd never stand in need of want and thus never realize the blessings of the Lord.

He has taught me many times to wait for his hand to be revealed. Waiting to go on a mission. Waiting to find out if I got into graduate school. Even now waiting to understand my purpose during this time that I'm going through. Its during the wait and after the wait that I finally begin to SEE why. I begin to realize why the wait was necessary because the timing hadn't been right before.

Even in the little things of life. Last week I began reading a book I have seriously started 5 times in the past 3 years but before when I'd tried to read it, I just could not get into it so back on the bookshelf it would go until I finished another book and would then pull it out to try it again. However it just wasn't right, until now. I am reading it just eating up every minute, hanging on to each page anxiously until I can turn it and eat up the next page. Last night, I thought...why haven't I read this book until now? And then I realized...I had TRIED! I had tried hard too! But now I have various experiences under my belt and a certain amount of knowledge in my head that has allowed me to have a wonderful experience reading this book. I guess the foundation had to be built before I could put anything on it, like the information I'm gaining in my current reading.

Again, I never know if this will make any sense to anyone outside of my head. I think my brain is a little unique in the way it works. However, I think we can all learn to find joy in the journey, and joy in the timing of the Lord.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I delight in hearing.

While this picture has nothing to do with this post...I like it anyway...I slightly delighted in the hot weather today but more so I delighted in how the Lord sent me to a cold mission because today reminded me how much I don't delight in being hot.

My BIGGEST delight of the day however and the one I would like to expound on is hearing. The ability we have to hear. Honestly, I think it is the most over looked sense. We don't really look out for our ears as much as we do our other senses. We put headphones in them and blast music. We subject ourselves to loud concerts and even worse...we put cotton q-tips in them...not good! But our ears offer such a boost to life. To be able to hear allows you to participate most of the world around you. It allows you to hear your phone ring, hear the person on the other end of the phone. It helps you learn what language sounds like so as a small child you can acquire the language and communicate with your environment. Not saying that if you are born without the ability to hear that you can't communicate but there is a big challenge in learning to deal with that barrier.

While I have my hearing, my small ear canals keep me from having good hearing and for the past 3 weeks my hearing has slowly decreased and today I woke up with no hearing in my left ear. It was partial hearing yesterday which affected my ability to listen to multiple conversations, sing the right notes in church, and even affected my sleep. Anyway, today as I properly cleaned out my ear (NOT with a q-tip) and as my ear canal became free of waxy obstruction I delighted in my renewed sense of hearing. Rejoice in your ears! They are a gift from God! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I delight in sweet friendship.

I think this is something that makes everyone happy.

So say you're at the store and you see a friend you haven't seen in a really long time. This time of not talking didn't happen on purpose of course; life got busy and took you different places and you simply lost touch. But now, you see each other again and it isn't weird or awkward. Its just like old times. You're still so happy to see each other again, still interested in what is going on in the others life and you easily pick it up again, no apologies, not a big deal or fuss...just sincere caring and reminiscing and learning about what has happened in their life.

I delight every time this happens. Whether its someone I've known a long time or a short time. Whether its someone I keep in semi-regular touch with or not. To see each other again and have it just be sincere and joyous...well its the best!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I delight in clean.

picture by me...yellowstone last week
President Spencer W. Kimball said:

“Now we ask you to clean up your homes. … We urge each of you to dress and keep in a beautiful state the property that is in your hands” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1974, 4–5; orEnsign, Nov. 1974, 4).

“Whatever your circumstance, let your premises reflect orderliness, beauty, and happiness”

(in Conference Report, Apr. 1976, 171; or Ensign, May 1976, 125).

If Heavenly Father keeps his world so beautiful...I probably should keep my space of it clean too!

I delight in LB.

Something I delight in everyday is my sister. She's the most adorable, kind-hearted, genuine, happy person you will ever meet in you life. Being her sister makes me always want to be a better person because of the kind of person she is. Her heart is always in the right place. She is so in tune to how other people are doing and what she can do to make them happy. LB loves to laugh, sing, and write. She has an excitement for life that is contagious. I know the Lord let her be my Sis to teach me about what life really is about. Family. Atonement. Hope. Happiness. The Plan of Salvation. Real Joy.