Thursday, March 31, 2011

I delight in following promptings.

About a month ago, I really felt I needed to reopen my facebook account. At first I was a little frustrated at the thought. I had not missed facebook at all since I closed my account back in December. I would daresay I was rather proud of my facebook free life. After a week of thinking about it however, it came down to being the only way I could contact one of my mission companions, so I got back on. I have used it minimally since then but didn't feel like I needed to deactivate it like I'd done before.

Today I think I realize why. I received a message from a woman I taught on my mission in my very first area. I remember the night we met her like it was yesterday. We were an answer to her prayer and she was definitely an answer to ours as well. I sent her a letter or two but mostly lost contact. I haven't forgotten her though. I pray for her from time to time and reflect on the experiences we had teaching her.

We come into each others lives for reasons. We may not see them right away, His ways are not ours, but it will work together in the end. No coincidences.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I delight in support.

So here's the deal--

Everyday I go to school with the most amazing group of individuals. I'm grateful for a wonderful cohort of friends to experience this 'graduate school' thing with. Otherwise, I think I would frequently crawl in corners and cry.

That is all!

Have a fantastic day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I delight in my big brother.

"Did someone just turn the light on?" That's what Marilyn said to my mom today in sacrament meeting when the bishopric announced the change of the last hymn. We Thank Thee O God for A Prophet, Craig beamed. Its Craig's favorite hymn for reasons not as reverent as one might think but his favorite non-the-less.
(back story: one of his young mens leaders once told the story about how he was trying to get his companion to be obedient or something so he hit his companions head over and over on the wall while singing we thank thee o god for a prophet...see, not so reverent...however the story has endeared Craig to the hymn forever)
Today Craig spoke in sacrament meeting. I'm not sure I've ever heard Craig speak from a pulpit before, unless it was in Primary and that was a long time ago. But today I watched him beam as he spoke to the congregation about preparing for General Conference. He smiled as he sat on the stand throughout the meeting and listened to the other speakers but he radiated as he and the congregation sang the closing hymn, We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet. What a special time.
I delight in the best big brother ever! I delight in family. I delight in the gospel. And I especially delight in the fact that General Conference is coming, the time to hear from our dear Prophet and other General Authorities. I am grateful for the answers I so anxiously await. I am grateful for the preparation for conference that kind of 'kicks me into gear.' I am grateful for life and all the opportunities it affords.

I delight in a good day.

Amazing things about today include (but are not limited to):
pretty new eyeshadow and blush
going in a beautiful building i'd never been in before
hanging out with former roommates and forever friends nicki and cindy
having blister-free (surprisingly enough) feet after 6 1/2 hours
singing at the top of my lungs in the car
running into sus at the grocery store
trying cake balls with heather...devising better ones

It was the best way I think I could have ended my Spring Break. Sure I forget that I have an exam on Tuesday, clinic on Monday and applications due Thursday but you know...its worth it to live it up while you can! No regrets! :) Studious Erin returns Monday!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I delight in my cougs.

LB sporting her Jimmer shirt in front of the St. George Temple. How cute is she?

It was a sad sad day. BYU didn't make it into the elite 8. But nevertheless I'm proud of my cougs. And I'm extra happy about the enlivened spirit of BYU sports! For that (and your glorious 3 pointers) I will always be grateful Jimmer!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

I delight in no internet?

Okay, that might be a lie. I have always been of the mindset that having a blackberry/a-never-leave-the-desk-or-the-email-or-the-internet-attached-to-the-pocket-device is a bad idea. I like shutting things off, putting things away and changing gears all together. With a 'permanently-connected' device--well it would be a challenge. However, my apartment is currently internet-less. That's right, no internet connection for me at home. And this has proved to be a challenge...what if my client cancels? What if I get info about an assignment? The only way to really find out is to a)check my e-mail yep, that's it. Hence, I've been reconsidering my ideas about the blackberry idea however I have also been appreciating how effective my internet time has become. Seriously...when you've only got 1 hour, its amazing all you can do! Anyway--until further notice...the internet is not a reliable way to get in touch with me. We're just not as connected currently.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I delight in the highs and lows.

Wow, today was one of those juxtaposed days--there was good and the good was real good. Then there was bad and that bad was well not so bad just really sad. But its the highs and lows that keep us balanced.
In my Old Testament class tonight, we discussed why 200 years of happiness is summarized in 14 verses in the scriptures and yet 2 entire books are dedicated to the documentation the downfall of two entire civilizations. Why is so much wickedness, death, and destruction detailed in the scriptures? How is it that the fact that God is our loving Heavenly Father can be easily 'missed' by some who read the Old Testament? I don't have an answer. But I do have an idea...its not a well developed idea but its an idea.
I think its because we easily remember the good times. We remember the times we're happy. The times we're safe, the times we're blessed, the times we're filled. Those times can come so easily to our minds that we compare the hard times to them constantly. "Those Canaan days, we used to know, where have they gone, where did they go?" I'm grateful for the detailed manner of the wickedness is written so I can be reminded that choices matter and making the wrong choices will take me somewhere, I don't want to go. They also remind me that no matter what happens and how hard things get, how far astray I go, there will always be a loving Father in Heaven ready to welcome me back. That is a natural high, the atonement of Jesus Christ brings happiness in the most sad of circumstances, light in darkness, and hope in a dreary world. "All that is unfair about life, can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ."

Monday, March 7, 2011

I delight in 'hi.'

Such a small word, almost as small as they come. But its a powerful word. You see someone and how do you introduce yourself, what do you say? It doesn't matter if you know them or if you don't know them a 'hi' will always suffice. Its always the perfect place to start. Today, I heard someone say 'hi' for the very first time and I've been on cloud 9 ever since. He can now, finally use that powerful little word to make a big first impression on the world...even though his delightful persona already does that. And so, I delight in 'hi.'

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I delight in medicinal slurpees and sister check-ups.

If you have to be sick, be sick at home. I came home to go to the dentist and found myself fevering instead. Good thing I brought home all my study supplies for Monday's exam. My joy's include a recliner (so I can breathe), medicinal slurpees, crushed ice, and the sweetest sister in the world who sits on an adjacent couch and keeps my spirits uplifted with comments like "i love erin's feet." Because compliments, even if they are about your feet, are nice! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I delight in my cougs.

BYU basketball is really drumming up some news this year. And for good reason. Have you heard of Jimmer? Of course you could you not? Jimmer-Mania is everywhere. And this ESPN clip just reiterates how proud I am of my cougs this year--for their academics, their basketball, and their honor code.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I delight in kindness.

Today things went from bad to worse. My to-do list was doubled in a matter of a few hours and I developed this weirdy cough. I didn't feel well when I woke up this morning but then its gotten progressively worse throughout the day so much so that I willingly took Robitussin (the medicine I most despise--for its taste, it actually does work). And so now, I'm home, trying to get everything done and attempt not to cough and sleep ( like I so want to do).

The delight comes from sweet sweet classmates who are kind. Who take upon themselves extra things so you don't have to worry about them. Who tell you in the most kind ways that 'you look like crap and that you should probably go home' or that 'you look like you need some caffeine.' Delights come from kind people who agree to study with you and from people who forgive you when you confused the days and forgot you had set up to study with them. Delights come in the moments that people take the time to care about your life, to take out their earplugs and answer your questions. Delights come from this fantastic balance of give and take. Sometimes we are able to give more and sometimes we are blessed by all that is given.