Thursday, April 24, 2014

I delight in knowing forever.

grandma's funeral
april 2014

Grandma would have loved the gathering of people who all came together on Tuesday. As I saw face after face, heard memory after memory, got hug after hug and laugh after laugh, I couldn't help but think...she just would have loved this.  I am grateful I had the opportunity to speak of just some of the things I love and admire about her...her wit, her sarcasm, her honest to goodness love for people and her outstanding ability to make and keep friends and to let people know that she was thinking of them. These are just a few things, but they are things that have made an incredible impact on me.

I have much more I want to write and will write. Many more pictures I want to post and will post. And many more things to share, but alas the time is far spent before the next adventures in my life. :)

And so, I delight in knowing that forever is forever.

I also delight in knowing that because of him, this is not the end and that we will all live again.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Grandma's Funeral

Some people don't believe in taking pictures at funerals. But it seems that funerals and weddings are sometimes the only occasions that get the entire family together. My grandmother was the family photographer for years. She's got boxes of pictures to prove it. As I got out of the car after driving to the Brigham City Cemetary, my hand rested on my camera...should I take pictures or not? Obviously I chose the former and it was the best choice! And I know that my picture taking Grandmother would have definitely approved!

What a beautiful celebration of some of the things my grandma loved the most...all her family, the sharing of good memories, lots (and lots) of laughter and beautiful flowers. What a tribute to a wonderful woman. I think my whole family was overwhelmed by how many of the extended family came in the middle of a work week to remember and celebrate Grandma. She would have loved to have been there, and I'm sure from the other side, she enjoyed the whole event. 

larry, adam, chris, cooper, sam, sarah, rachel, penny (i think) and heather

leanne, lori, gina, aunt jean, nicole and lisa

jay, heidi, tosh, kristen

mar and ross

the pallbearers: wayne, carl, craig, steve, brad, dave, todd and dad

jack, lee, dorene, mom, steve, geri, christin, grandpa, craig, dad

adam, dave, lisa with andrew, ethan, chris, sarah, laurie, larry, sam, rachel and penny

amy and caulder, mom and craig

tom, melinda, brooke, bonnie and brad

mom, tom, melinda, brooke, bonnie and brad

mom, tom and bonnie

kelly and beth-baby

happy christin

john, lorraine and steve

steve, christin and lori

geri, steve and christin

grandpa, dad, lee and dorene

christin and little larry

lisa, leanne, nicole and jack

larry and craig discussing ties

jean and grandpa

geri, steve, craig, mom, me, christin, grandpa and dad

the girls

*from this point on, Christin took over the camera duties. She did an excellent job. And I must say she has a way of getting the best smiles out of people!

we decided to take some family photos. here's all the cousins who were there.

and here's all the first cousins...they're a rough crowd to get to cooperate. :)

christin wanted her picture with the tall boys, ethan and sam.

The whole day was lovely. It was great to hear some timeless stories about Grandma and be surrounded by the people who loved her and will miss her the most.