Saturday, September 6, 2014

a smattering of life

 me (and dad's leg) with a waterfall in montana
august 2014
somewhere between beartooth pass and cooke city, mt

Life is about to get different.  

In the meantime, I really wanted to look at what life looks like right now, this very moment.

I see: a mess. packing. organizing. cleaning, writing a lesson. gathering relief society stuff to put in the hands of a new leader. receipts that need to be calculated. technology that needs to be updated. water that i'm working on drinking. my favorite mission picture that just got a new frame. my beautiful iladro from grandma and grandpa that inspires me just to look at .

I smell: candy corn. i bought a bag, or 4 because i can't seem to find them in any other season but pre-fall and then i made the mistake of opening one. oh how i love that stuff! quintessential fall must.

I hear: random sounds of my house. i'm going to miss that. feet stomping on the floor to get me to come upstairs. the loud creak of craig's door to the downstairs. the door to the storage room opening and closing. the credit music to wagon train (it does have 10 seasons after all) and the random knocks and subsequent opening of my door by all my family. one day i'll be more sentimental about that. for now...i just think...maybe a door will actually mean something someday soon.

I feel: this bruise on my leg from falling off the playground equiptment the other day. that was fun. besides that, i just feel gratitude in my heart for so many blessing in life. I feel grateful everyday for my family, the gospel and the myriad of experiences that have been granted to me. i have so much to be thankful for.

I really love this picture I've chosen to include with this post because its like me in a nutshell right now. Little to no make up, touseled hair that is styled by my on the go lifestyle rather than in front of mirror. My polarized shades (because my cheapy summer ones got their lenses popped out and then really broke thereafter). And of course, my "we're all in this together" shirt which reminds me of the ben lee song that I first heard at a ben folds concert pre-mission that i found at the DI a year ago with sister jen. Pearls in my ears because, they're always in fashion and a smile on my face...because really, there's always something to smile about.

I can't help but think about just how many things there are to be delighted in and by in the world. Hence, my continued recommitment to blogging about all those things, which might just get a little easier considering the pending life changes here. Good things people. All good things.