Monday, October 29, 2012

lesson: if you don't learn to laugh, you're sure going to cry a lot

arch canyon overlook in fall
october 2012, deer hunt opening weekend
blanding, utah

this week, i'm delighting in:
  • loving to see how rapport builds over time
  • being mormon and being recognized as a mormon
  • seeing old grad school friends and hearing about their awesome post-grad lives
  • going to two halloween parties in two different costumes
  • talking with an amazing parent
  • taking a huge project i've been working on to its 'second step'
  • starting a book i was supposed to have started reading months ago
  • sitting at dinner with friends for hours, talking about everything and anything
  • listening to a new cd in the car
  • driving in the snow and having maritime flashbacks
  • learning more about the amazing life of a long time neighbor
  • getting good feedback on a project so i can make it better
  • playing pounce with my parents
  • talking monticello with a native of monticello
  • seeing favorite families
  • singing songs about 'ruby-do'

Sunday, October 21, 2012

theme of the week: get out and live

like a lizard
butler wash ruin site
san juan county, ut
20 october 2012

life treated me so well this weekend.  south eastern utah. fall leaves. splendid weather. great company. fantastic scenery. monticello temple. seriously? right!

  • paving new paths
  • finding the hippy vans in the middle of NOWHERE
  • getting quality sleep
  • dreams of turning into mud
  • finding friends everywhere we went
  • hot dinner every never tasted so good after a day in the desert
  • appreciating nature
  • appreciating my dad
  • using the sailboat scarf to keep from eating dust
  • heated seats 
  • laughing, really laughing...a lot!
  • coming home to a happy family

Sunday, October 14, 2012

theme of the week: letting the lord define success

  • fall. this is the first year (besides my two 'fall seasons' as a missionary) that i haven't been in school in the fall. fall has always been my favorite season by far and i feel like this year i am enjoying fall in a few of my favorite ways that i haven't been able to for years--looking at it, walking through it, driving through the canyons, kayaking amidst it. i delight in fall. 
  • participating in my first pdc (parent directed consultation)
  • pondering general conference--so many lessons learned
  • watching the conference addresses i missed
  • buying a calculator
  • signing up for a cake decorating class--because i have always wanted to and it just so happened the timing of the class is perfect! i'm so excited.
  • dinner and an all around delightful evening with the grandparents
  • finally going in the antique shop in logan that i've always wanted to go to
  • reading daily from the book of mormon 
  • making freezer lunches, so i don't have to eat sandwiches
  • going to one of the happiest baby showers i've ever been to--everyone was so happy, grateful and excited
  • sewing my first "quilt square" and getting the points lined up fairly well if i do say so myself!
  • being told by christin that something "wasn't my best option"
  • hanging out with good friends, and watching a movie with a strange ending
  • having dinner with a mission companion and going to institute
  • "hanging out" google style with friends afar
  • sitting by my 'practically sisters' at church
  • catching up with my mission trainer
  • loving the fact that tuesday night is "gibbs night" again at my house
  • weekends where i don't have to set my alarm and can still feel good about waking up on my own at 7 because my body decided it, not my alarm
  • playing with puppy
  • sissy hugs
  • starting to write, i mean really write
  • planning the trip that's finally going to happen--monticello!
  • campfire with the family
  • the amazing testimony meeting in my ward today, reminders of what i should focus on
  • christin's tarzan impersonation
  • family group hugs

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I delight in general conference gems.

This quote was one of my favorite things that was said in general conference. I know that I am not a parent, but I work with lots of parents and I have parents and one day I hope to be a parent. 
I know that there is no substitute for parents and parenting. 
 I've always believed in the adage: the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I delight in a best friend's birthday!

I've been blessed with some amazing friends in my life. Seriously!
Natalie and I have been friends for what 20 years now? How crazy is that? We've had some of the best and worst times together...and isn't that what friends are for! 
And so, as she is not close enough for us to hang out on her birthday, I have decided to compile a list of a few of my favorite memories with you, my dear friend Nat:
running around west yellowstone chasing painted buffalos
going to great concerts: switchfoot (x3), U2, ben folds
finally getting those 'kindred spirit and bosom friend' comments after all those years and finally watching anne of green gables with you!
salt lake adventures!
talking to the sisters on temple square
hiking up big cottonwood canyon
10:00 sunday night phone calls through college
being nat and jd's weekly orphan for dinner when i got home from the mission
institute at weber state
chinese food dinners/indian food dinners/mexican food dinners
both of us graduating with our masters!
weekly email chains
doing a session together at the bountiful temple when i got home from the mission
park city adventures
you saving my life when i missed 3 weeks of high school!
finally getting to do a half marathon! 
thinking spot
running around dressed like zombies!
running around dressed like santas
christmas gift swaps--the plants, the boxes that never became anything
making and discussing our love of quilts!
you making fires at the cabin to keep it warm, waking up to find you watching you've got mail!
artco and porters adventures
***i'm sure i've left out some key adventures***

Happy Happy Birthday Nat!

“True friends are always together in spirit." --Anne Shirley   

a warm welcome to october


delight list of the week:
  • quality quotes during evals
  • alternative fhe--pounce with weirdy cards...loosing and then winning!
  • seeing Sus (and getting to hang out with her) and hold her adorable baby boy before they head off for adventures in the big state of TX
  • temple time!
  • reading like crazy to finish the general conference ensign from april
  • getting ready to start my 'read the book of mormon by the end of the year' challenge
  • 'lending' it up with some incredible people who teach me to look at the view from so many different perspectives, this week from an applied behavioral background, and from a historical perspective of healthcare
  • institute laughs with wardies!
  • breakfast with mary
  • spending 2 hours in traffic with my dear brother
  • sleeping on my favorite couch
  • the reunion of all reunions, canada halifax with the simpsons. 
  • halfway delighted in being grouped with the "old" missionaries, those who had been home at least 2 years. ah! 
  • definitely delighted in the company who was standing with me!
  • delighted in seeing THE best sister missionaries in the world, including my greenie and meeting her baby!!! 
  • seeing one of my favorite elders from the mtc who i never saw on the mission
  • making waffles for craig and grandpa, going to the cemetery, and then cleaning out all grandpa's expired food substances from his cupboard. 
  • general conference!
  • reminiscing about last weekend's general relief society meeting with my mom, aunt and cuz
  • recognizing just how gently the lord works on helping to correct some of my thoughts. 
  • in and out burger with craig
  • cutting out my quilt square with mom
  • watching craig do "eenie, meenie, meini, mo" using a dialogue from sleeping beauty instead to help us decide where to get lunch
  • finding new pants! cute new pants
  • catching up with the worlds best externship supervisor turned good friend and mentor for life over indian food
  • ruby the puppy
  • seeing a favorite grad school friend serendipitously!
  • the abundance of answers to prayers
  • the sweetest email from my mission trainer