Sunday, September 23, 2012

I delight in general conference.

Come listen to living prophetsgeneral conference is coming. don't forget. it something to delight in for the next six months until the next one.  this upcoming saturday is also a special meeting just for the women of the relief society which is the largest women's organization in the world.  you can watch it on lds. org or at any lds stake center saturday september 29 at 6:00 pm. you can also stream it later on

happy fall y'all!

family picture
23 september 2012
mantua, ut

fall has arrived here in the great state of utah! is is my favorite season of them all.  if i could, i would live in the season of fall!

this week has been truly delightful in all sorts of twisted ways. it is always true that in some low times in life, we find /realize some of our greatest blessings. and so it is.

  • brigham city temple dedication
  • kayaking and a trip to maddox in the company of great friends
  • reading general conference addresses and finding some gems that hadn't stood out before
  • figuring out what my research group is really going to research (still in the works)
  • going to the dentist and having NO cavities
  • deciding which pies i'm going to make for thanksgiving dinner
  • making pumpkin cookies
  • driving to see the fall leaves with family
  • enjoying family dinner with my family on a weeknight
  • sunday family dinner with the grandparents
  • being invited to sit with an adorable couple at maddox (because there were no tables at the drive in) who i happened to actually know
  • wearing a scarf, sweater, and boots

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

hope that goes well for you

the title to this post is what christin told me yesterday as i walked out the door to go to the doctor.
isn't she the cutest? (actually she was driving me crazy most of the day yesterday but you know, she is my little sister :) so it has to happen sometimes!)

tonight i had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude as i thought about all the notes i took during grad school. when i got home tonight i embarked to find a list of sentences with lots of nasal phonemes (e.g., mary made my marmalade). as i thought of where the list could be i thought back to roy's class, chapman's class and of course to my externships where i put all those sentences to use doing some voice therapy and i just thought...i am so grateful for the array of experiences i've had.

lately, i've been thinking a lot about the holiday season. its almost october which means its almost general conference which means its almost my birthday which means its almost the holidays. fall is here in its full fashion and there are few things that excite me more than that.  i have so much to be grateful for and it is my honest and sincere desire to show more gratitude for those things, take delighting more seriously.

and so,
today i delight in making it through

Saturday, September 8, 2012

delighting in a delightful week

have i posted this picture before?

according to my computer, i took it 18 months ago at the salt lake institute building.
it was the first picture that popped up on my picture feed and it made me laugh so i'm sharing it with you. a pre-marriage stake? it sounds like an advertisement or something.

another week has come and gone as blogging has recently become a weekly event these days.
so here are the daily delights of the week--

sunday: watching lb socialize at my ward (adorable!). going visiting teaching with lb to our amazing neighbor.
monday: sleeping in.
tuesday: having time to write my reflection paper. being flexible. learning how to organize.
wednesday: loving my job. institute.
thursday: got the hammock i won in the mail!  thank you trek light!  :)
friday: my amazing research group. urlend. temple. the classiest reception ever (yay for allyson and rob). seeing my second family. sleepovers and catching up with mary about jobs/life.
saturday: autism speaks walk. meeting more primary's staff. being home (finally!)

overall its been a delightful week.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

hello september, i'm glad you're here!

it's sister weekend here and i can think of no better way to ring in my favorite season.
i loved driving up south temple today, toward the mountains and then continuing my drive up sunnyside to the zoo.  the trees are looking SO beautiful and i think my fall leave ride has to be bumped to next week so as not to miss them in their prime! whose in?

lb and i rang in one of my favorite months with real class today!  we went to the zoo.  i only go to the zoo every 5-7 years or so because the zoo makes me sad but i am proud to say, i made it and i didn't cry! it's a serious accomplishment.  christin's favorite part of the zoo was the gorilla who just happened to walk right up to the window to say hello (i'm pretty sure that actually happened the last time we were there).  my favorite part was definitely the polar bear!  boy does he know how to put on a show, seriously, he was kicking off the glass, floating on his back and then doing flips in the water.  he would even climb out of the water and jump of the rock (okay jump, fall, you know what i mean). he was adorable.  i was sad the otters weren't out though. ezra made me SO excited salt lake was finally getting otters!

a trip to salt lake wouldn't be complete without going to litzas. yummy as ever.  our favorite waitress was even there, marie.  she knows our routine down to passing a cup of blue cheese off for ranch for christin to dip her pizza in since their blue cheese is gluten free and their ranch is not.

on the way home, we almost got washed down our street--torrential rain storm. the weather is CRAZY! the rest of the day we watched movies, i worked on my paper, we sorted all of christin's alphabet beads (quite the task) and occasionally went out to throw the dog a bone.  literally, ruby needed some exercise , more so distraction actually.  so i played catch with her--50 throws wears her out for a little while.  but no less.  absolutely no less.  what a dog.

essentially, september is off to a great start.