Wednesday, July 13, 2016

week something of something

Oh how I love summers. I don't know if it's how long the days are or the warmth on my skin. Maybe its the evening walks, the incredible sunsets (which are even better as they slip beyond the horizon through my bedroom windows while I'm tucking in for the night), or the flowers that are thriving in my garden. Maybe it's the spontaneous trips to the cabin, the time spent with and in water including lakes, rivers and pools. Maybe its the mid-day work walks or the stops at the farmers market. Maybe its the zucchini and soon to be tomatoes that come in seeming endless supply from my dad. Maybe it's the school supplies that have emerged from the stores or the hint of fall that slowly seeps into the air. 

I can never put my finger on it exactly, but either way I know I love it. Summer has come and I'm elated. Maybe one day I'll write about it but the most important thing I want to remember is that I lived it. I lived it everyday!